Robert Muller KPFK Radio Interview
Broadcast 30 October 2005  
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Robert Muller KPFK Radio Interview
(Some excerpts.)
Broadcast 30 October 2005

My sign for the world is: Humans - never loose your hope.

I am a positive and optimistic man. The religions are working together to make a world spirituality organization --- we will talk together …. study …. inspire each other to re-in-store a global spirituality.

How the University for Peace came into being.

All cooperations will unite in a global cooperative to preserve nature and humanity.

How China became a member of the United Nations.

How to reform the United Nations.
… We should have a second United Nations. …I will continue to fight for a basic reform of the United Nations. And if the United Nations is not reformed I will recommend that the European Union which has now so many countries from even outside of Europe that the European Union should become the World Union. And that the United Nations should be left aside in a secondary condition. We can not continue in that way. … reform … the countries can do it. There is no doubt about it.

…. One thing that always has been an impediment is that nobody during all these years intended to even speak about the reform of the UN. And this year for the first time all governments around the world have agreed that we should discuss the reform of the UN. So that is big . The wonderful ideas … can become discussable. …

We have to continue until it works. Humanity has lived so long in isolation from each other, in disrespect from each other, in wars against each other, religious wars, national wars.

It was a mess! … Second world war which cost 30 million people At long last they created a United Nations. They made it as weak as possible. But now the time has come where we must strengthen it.

And I continue to write my books. … re-publication of my book Most of All They Taught Me Happiness in which I show how happiness should be obtained in every country on earth.

Render others happy, proclaim your joy, Do not listen to promises, do not wait for a better world. … Switch on and keep on the positive buttons within yourself … meditative, smile, laugh, … dance … sing …

I will continue. I want to live as long as possible. … I will continue to do this in order to come forth with ideas and with the proclamation that we need a new type of world

World war II .. could have been avoided if there had been unity among nations.

I would bet and I have stated this time and again. There will never be a world war anymore on this planet. That is out. They do not dare. Now it is at lower levels. It's inside countries and its in places like Iraq where the United States continues to give a life to the militaries. And that will disappear too. There is no doubt.

We can not afford wars and things of this sort. That is obsolete.

Let us make paradise earth.